MMA Signatures Academy offers Boxing for adults and children starting at 4 years old, Cardio Kickboxing, Self Defense, Wrestling Club, Zumba, Off Your Rocker Boxing and Rock Steady Boxing (Parkinson's Patients).  


All of our coaches and trainers are of the highest level and have been certified and/or competed at the highest level of their area of expertise.


We also have free weights and cardio machines available to all of our members. 


We have produced some of the best professional and amateur boxers in the area including World Champions and Golden Glove Champions.


Coaches and Trainers:


Terrific Gist (Boxing)

Rob Santiago (Boxing and Kickboxing)

Steve Soriano (Boxing and Kickboxing)

Grand Master Dan Mc Eaddy (Self Defense)

Anibal Nieves (Wrestling 2X Olympian)

Carmen Mercadante (Wrestling Olympian)

Jossy Campos (Wrestling Olympian)

Elliot Riddick (Wrestling All American)

Cio Cuevas (Wrestling Champion)

Ajay Hiller (Boxing and Wrestling)

Teresa (Rock Steady Boxing and Off Your Rocker Boxing)

Mike (Rock Steady Boxing and Off Your Rocker Boxing)

Lulu and Mal (Zumba)

Our all inclusive memberships include all classes and access to the gym during business hours.

Single and family plans.

1 Member $75/month

2 Members $120/month ($60 each per month)

3 Members $150/month ($50 each per month)

4 Members $200/month ($50 each per month)


We also offer Private Lessons.  (Inquire at Academy)


Vince Lombardi